1. How many homes are planned for Golden Eagle?
    328 Total Homes with 3 Development phases
  1. Will there be any town homes or condos?
    No, single family homes only.
  1. Will the entrance be gated? Will there be a formal entry?
    There will be a formal entry with an unmade guardhouse.
  1. What is the minimum size home? And maximum size home?
    3,200 – 7,200 sq ft with a possible exception with a 3 car garage.
  1. What are the amenities?
    A community gathering space is planned with kitchen, bathrooms, indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces, fire pit, 5 miles of maintained trails.
  1. Are there any additional amenities planned? Will the HOA increase?
    There is a discussion of adding amenities. Possibly a pool, with an additional HOA cost of about $40 per month to the current $148, totaling $178 monthly
  1. How many acres is Golden Eagle?
    Over 600 acres with 25% designated to open space.
  1. Is there designated open space and trails?
    Yes, there will be 5 miles of trails connecting with Soaring Hawk. The trail system will be built in the Summer 2019.
  1. What are the estimated HOA dues?
    $148 monthly
  1. What is the breakdown of HOA dues, assessments, etc.?
    HOA is $148, plus an additional infrastructure bond payment of $200 per month billed once a year with property taxes.
  1. Are roads plowed by HOA or Hideout City?
    Road maintenance including plowing is the responsibility of the Town of Hideout.
  1. What are the rent restrictions?
    90 day minimum rental period.
  1. Who are the members of the Architectural Control Committee?
    The design review committee is in place and handles applications for Hideout Canyon, Soaring Hawk, and Golden Eagle. The committee consists of 5 members consisting of 2 homeowners and 3 appointed members including an architect and a planner.
  1. What is the Golden Eagle school district?
    Wasatch County
  1. How long till Golden Eagle is paved?
    The road will be paved in Spring 2019 when weather permits.